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Drop-shipping, Reseller & Supermarket Terms of Contract

We have composed a broad contract that is designed to translate what is expected from us, Andy&Sarah’s and yourself the distributor. We have sectioned each distribution type into categories of resellers, drop-shippers and supermarkets as each has differences that do not apply to each other, and these have been outlined in each distribution type category; however, all distribution types will comply with our general terms outlined also. Upon email communication, we would advise which section of the agreement contract would apply to yourself.

General Terms

We require that any distributor of our goods practise legal and compliant advertising, consumer and distribution laws. We hold the right to withdraw our services without warning if we are to discover that a distributor of our products is in breach of any British laws or trading standards. If we are aware of any breach in laws by the distributor we may refuse the distribution of goods sold during the period of which the distributor was in breach of laws or stop the distribution permanently without any notice. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Intellectual property rights such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement and passing off.
  • Contravening the Consumer Rights Act 2015 such as misleading a consumer.

We may provide images and some product descriptions for the distributors to use on their sales channels. Such content falls within Andy&Sarah’s copyright and can only be used for the sale of goods which we produce in our own kitchen. Likewise, if the distributor has decided to take photos of our products themselves, they should only be used for the sale of products that we supply and should not be used for the sale of other products that are not supplied by Andy&Sarah’s. The distributor should not take images or create content without prior permission as this may negatively impact SEO.

We will agree to a pricing structure with the distributor, and this will be documented and agreed upon prior to the exchange of sales and goods. The pricing structure will remain unless renegotiated. Any discounts, sales offers or promotions the distributor offers and advertises are deducted from the revenue of the sale between the distributor and the consumer, and we will not under any circumstances reduce our agreed rate to compensate for any promotion the distributor decides to offer to the consumer. The distributor is free to increase or decrease the price of the products they sell to the consumer, but the cost we agree with the distributor for the supply of goods is the price we will charge regardless of the value the distributor sells the goods for to the consumer.

The distributor cannot alter an invoice we produce to them; if there are any discrepancies with an invoice, the distributor should contact us to discuss it. Invoices issued are payable within the time frame agreed, and this agreement will be communicated, documented and agreed to via email as we understand that each distributor differs. However, we hold the right to cease any further trade if an invoice is left unpaid for more than 24 hours after our agreed period of time, and we hold the right to refuse the distribution of goods until all outstanding invoices are paid.

Regardless of distribution method or type, the distributor is responsible for:

  • The delivery of the item within the time frame the distributor stated in their advertisements.
  • The buyer’s overall satisfaction with their purchase (with the exception of the quality of goods).
  • Any customer support in relation to the sale.
  • The collection of payment from the customer.
  • The cost of any advertisement or fees incurred during the sale of goods.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that the distributor may have when the distributor is supporting their customer; however, we can’t directly support their customer unless there is a legal complication with the product itself.


Drop-shipping, also known as product sourcing, is a way of selling items on the distributor’s selling channels without them ever handling the items themselves. Therefore we will produce and dispatch the products directly to the consumer. The distributor is required under law to comply with the associated laws of drop-shipping. It is the distributor’s responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance with such laws and advertising practices; however, we hold the right to refuse the distribution of goods until all sales advertisements are compliant and legal. Drop-shippers must not mislead the consumer and must make it clear that the products are produced and dispatched by a third party as per British trading laws. Drop-shippers must comply with our general terms.

Our responsibility is to produce the goods to a high standard and dispatch them directly to the consumer in a safe and acceptable manner. We are responsible for any damages to the product associated with the delivery and are responsible for the replacements and refunds outlined in our terms and conditions, return and refunds policy. However, if the distributor offers an expected time frame of arrival or offers their own set of sales terms to the consumer that differs from ours, then it is the distributor that must support and accept responsibility for such statements within policies.

Dispatch days – weekdays, Monday to Friday. We do not dispatch on Saturday or Sunday, or on public holidays.

Resellers and Supermarkets

Resellers and supermarkets typically purchase in bulk and/or will handle the products we produce to distribute directly to the consumers. Resellers and supermarkets must comply with our general terms.

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