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Our Story

At Andy & Sarah’s, we’re not just your regular bakery – we’re a family-run business and the go-to spot for personalised homemade treats, including our famous brownies. We deliver all across the UK, including Northern Ireland and Scotland!

Meet the team: Andy, the baker and marketing whizz, and Sarah, our design expert, brownie extraordinaire. We’re not just partners in life but also in bringing you a delicious assortment of baked goodies as a family.

Our kitchen is more than just a workspace; it’s on our own farm in a quaint Lancashire village. We stick to tradition, using family recipes to ensure every bite reflects Lancashire’s baking heritage.

No preservatives or shortcuts here – just genuine homemade goodness. We even get our ingredients locally to give you an authentic Lancashire home-baking experience. Join us on this tasty journey where every treat, including our scrumptious brownies, is a piece of our family-fuelled passion. And if you have any questions, we are here to make sure your experience is as delightful as our treats!

Establishing our presence in the market, we kicked off our journey on third-party sales platforms like Etsy and eBay. With intensified marketing efforts and a dedicated strategy, we swiftly outgrew these platforms and carved our own path. Our initial offerings were exclusively personalised cookies.

Rapidly gaining popularity across the UK and amassing a dedicated customer base, we expanded our repertoire to include brownies and introduced handmade fudge. The new additions to our product lineup garnered tremendous success, prompting us to officially register our business and products with the patent and trademark office. Today, we proudly hold the distinction of being an officially recognised UK brand for personalised gifts and baked goods.

Eager to provide even more delightful options, we expanded our range to feature handmade Turkish delights, personalised hampers, and custom mugs. As our growth story continues, we’re committed to introducing an ever-expanding array of products and variations, creating more job opportunities within our local community. Stay tuned for more exciting additions to our line!

Meet Andy & Sarah
andy and sarahs personalised baked goods

Executive Baker

Certified in Food Allergen Awareness and Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety, I have honed my culinary skills over the years through a foundation rooted in familial traditions. My journey began under the guidance of my mother, a skilled baker and winemaker whose influence ignited my passion for the art of baking.

Having meticulously developed my skills, I’ve transitioned this passion into the creation of exceptional home- and hand-baked goods, delectable desserts, and artisanal wines and ciders, tailored to the discerning tastes of my family members. While the wine and cider may be an acquired taste, the unequivocal appreciation from my family, particularly the younger members, has been my greatest encouragement.

Embarking on the advice of those who sampled my creations, I decided to share my culinary expertise with the wider audience, receiving glowing reviews that underscore the success of my baking endeavors. It was in response to this positive reception that the concept of Andy&Sarah’s emerged—a testament to my commitment to delivering exceptional, handcrafted goods to an appreciative audience.

andy and sarahs personalised baked goods

Executive Designer

Certified in Level 2/3 Food Hygiene and Safety and First Aid, my professional journey is underpinned by a commitment to excellence in personalised messaging and design. Trained as an artist, I bring a unique touch to your products, ensuring that each item bears impeccably personalised messages and designs. My expertise extends to working with chocolate and sugar, allowing me to craft virtually any design on your cakes or cookies, tailored to your specifications.

As a fully trained and qualified photographer, I take pride in affirming that every product image featured on this website is meticulously captured by me, offering an authentic representation of our homemade goods. This dedication to transparency underscores our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.

In addition to my artistic contributions, I play a crucial role in managing customer support needs via phone. I am well-equipped to assist in placing orders for bespoke cookie cakes, specially designed to elevate your special occasions. My multifaceted role ensures that each customer receives not only a visually stunning product but also a seamless and personalised experience throughout their journey with us.

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