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Private Events, Gifting & Catering Services

We are proud to announce our private event catering service, this is specifically for personal, private or domestic events such as anniversaries, weddings, wedding favours, baby showers etc, if you a corporation or business please see our corporate gifting and events section by clicking here

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    We do not offer sandwiches, pastries etc, we produce desserts, sweets and treats.

    Primarily we are a sweet treat gifting company offering bite-sized portions of our inventory for catering and event purposes.

    We do not produce highly decorated cakes either, however, we do know a number of cake decorators that are incredible if this is something you’re looking for.

    If you’re looking for cookies, treat cakes, fudges and sweets including hand-decorated chocolates and chocolate-based products, then we are the company for you.

    There is typically a minimum order as bullet pointed out below, however, we understand that every event and occasion is different, we can work with almost any budget and will fit our products within the requirements you need.

    Minimum orders by product type:

    • Brownie or brookie slices: 12 slices
    • Mini Cookies: 8 cookies
    • Giant Cookies: No Minimum
    • Giant Brownies: No Minimum
    • Fudge: No Minimum
    • Chocolate: No minimum
    • Custom Recipes: 48 slices of brownies or mini cookies, 4 giant cookies or brownies, 2kg Fudge, 48 pieces of Chocolates

    You can read more about custom recipes in our custom recipe service information below.

    A custom or bespoke product is based on ingredients, flavour or physical product itself, we can personalise any product we have available with text or custom stickers, however, this service is more for those who want a unique flavour, cake or fudge for example.

    We can create bespoke flavours or products just for you that is not available on our main website, there are minimum order quantities for such as outlined above.

    The options are limitless and are only restricted by imagination.

    We often create custom flavour fudges, cookies and unique brownie cakes for our customers, nothing is too much trouble.

    It is worth bearing in mind, that custom items are typically a little more expensive as testing requires time and ingredient costs on top of the final product.

    It is also worth mentioning that bespoke items are not typically something that we can generate over night and require time and planning, these items are best utilised with enough time before the event.

    We are based in Lancashire, however, we often cater to London, Scotland and all over the UK on a monthly basis, If you are within our local area we have other options and services available such as display boards as shown in the images displayed in this page, however if your far away such as London we can post items to you with all the items needed to display them in a way that is luxury and perfect for your event.

    Yes, we can.

    We have worked with budgets as low as £1.50 per head in the past, £2 per person within your event or occasion is what we would suggest being your lowest starting point, we can also handle larger budgets too.

    The larger your budget the more options that are available to you, however, you should not be restricted from premium treats by budget, contact us via our free quotation format above with your personal requirements and we will cater a service based specifically around your needs.

    Yes, whether it be a small box of chocolates, individually wrapped baked goods, a custom-printed chocolate bar, or a bag of fudge we have you covered.

    We can custom print a sticker or personalise your baked goods in any way you need.

    Contact us today to get started from as low as £1.50 per person.

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