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Drop Shipping and Reselling our products

Drop Shipping & Reseller Services

We do offer a reseller service, we understand that many of our products have a short shelf life, due to this we can send products to you on a schedule that suits your needs. We offer a set discount and you can purchase directly from our website with your special wholesalers account that will automatically apply the discounts. There is not a minimum order quantity requirement and you can get started today by contacting us via the form.

We are often contacted regarding a service known as drop shipping, this is a service were we dispatch items directly to your customers after the customer has placed an order with you directly or via your sales channel, such as social media, website or otherwise.

With the drop ship service, there are no minimum requirements, but you must operate a business and provide us with details on were you will be selling the product. You will obtain a set discount and will be given a wholesaler account.

We have clients who drop ship our items via the internet, and their website integrates into ours to automate specific tasks, alternatively, you can always email over a list of orders or simply use our website and manually place the orders your self with your wholesale discount and we will process them and dispatch them within our normal daily routine, we are very flexible.

It is worth noting, that we never send the paperwork with orders, so no need to worry about the recipient receiving any recipes etc.

Customer service is a major part of our business strategy and is a huge contribution towards why we obtain such positive reviews. We do have rules in place to protect our brand and products from bad third-party business practices. We will discuss all this with you upon contact.

As each drop shipper or reseller has different needs and expectations, the service we offer here must be personal and tailored to your needs, therefore the enrollment process is to contact us.

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