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Terms & Conditions

Returns, refunds, cancellations



Please note that you are also governed as part of our terms and conditions by:

Our postal contract agreement, located here:


Our Allergen Policy, located here:


We require you to include your order personalisation requirements along with any other personal order requests to be added in the specifically provided locations on each products page along with the chosen shipping date via our date picker. You will not be able to add the product to your shopping cart until this required information is sufficiently filled in. This is to ensure your order personalisations or any shipping date requirements are added to your order sheet.

In the event that you make a mistake, you will need to contact us as quickly as possible. We recommend live chat as this is our fastest form of contact; alternatively, please utilise our landline, mobile numbers or email contact options. Personalisation is done during the same stage as baking status, and once your order enters baking status, there is a chance it is too late to alter any personalisation details.

If the information as described above is not added in the supplied location on the website, we will assume you want a non-personalised product, as during busy times we may not be able to contact you to confirm either way. We will not be able to take responsibility for those who fail to use our website correctly.

If you need to deliver to an address that is not associated with your account, you can change your delivery address during the checkout process. If you wish to order multiple products for a separate address and/or shipping date, please place separate orders or we will send all items by default to the address provided in the shipping address field during checkout at the earliest date selected on the order. This is not through our choice, it is the way the system works. All orders are sent to Royal Mail’s online system, which produces a stamp for dispatch arranged on the date you provide in the date picker. This then gets printed and we arrange all stamps and orders accordingly. This is an automated system; we cannot be held responsible if you improperly use our website.

Please note: we need time to process your order, as we have to physically make and personalise the product to your personal requirements we have a cut off time of 10 am for same-day dispatch, after which, the next available date will be available to choose during checkout. We recommend you place your order 2 days before it is needed.

All this information is clearly mentioned on each product listing. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates, but we can guarantee specific shipping dates and provide estimates of delivery time frames. Please consult our full page regarding delivery policy here (opens in the same window).

If you have made any errors entering your address or shipping dates, we ask you to contact us ASAP, as once the item has been dispatched we can’t change any details. In such circumstances, we can’t take any responsibility for your error of input and therefore we cannot replace or refund your order.

Please note that we may not personalise products if the personalisation contains known racist, extremist or hateful terminology. If your product does contain such material, we ask that you contact us via email as we may cancel and refund the order. We do accept all other material including swear words.

Email notifications you will receive from us:

We will send you an email to inform you when your order is being baked. You will also receive an email if you requested a future dispatch on a specific date. Please note we will mark any eBay, Etsy or Amazon orders as dispatched to prevent late dispatch penalties on our accounts, but we will note the future dispatch date on our website order management system to ensure it arrives on time.

Once dispatched, we will send you an email to confirm the order has been dispatched. This email will contain any tracking details if you chose a tracked delivery service. For details, please read our delivery policy here.

Please be advised that we notify based on email only, and we can only send all notifications to one email as provided during account creation or checkout. If you are sending this order as a gift to an address other than your own, then it is your responsibility to check to see if the receiver of your order will be at the address at the time of delivery, as a signature may be required in some cases, or the parcel may be too large for a standard letterbox/slot. WE NEVER SEND RECEIPTS WITH ORDERS.

Refunds, returns and replacement agreement:

Returns are not required unless it is specifically requested; if we do not request a return of the item, the return is sent via your choice and therefore returning a product will make no changes to our terms and you will still be governed by the terms and conditions as the item was personalised. If you choose to return a product, it is done at your own cost.

If your order was delivered or delivered late because you or the receiver was not in at the point of delivery, we will not be held responsible and you won’t be entitled to a refund or replacement of your order. The receiver may need to go to their local post office to pick up the parcel or re-arrange delivery for a convenient date. To be informed of such circumstances you will need to use the offered tracked delivery service.

You are entitled to cancel and obtain a full refund including postage costs for your order before baking has begun. You can do this via your account; select orders, locate the order, click view/edit and click cancel. A refund will be processed automatically without having to speak with us. Alternatively, you may contact us via telephone, live chat or email. We recommend live chat as this is our fastest form of contact.

Please note that all orders are made to order and personalised as requested by you, the buyer, and once baking has begun (you will be notified via email that the baking stage has begun) you are not eligible for a refund as the product is made to order at your request upon purchase of which you enter a legally bound contract to request a bespoke, personalised item made on your behalf at your request.

If your order is refused, rejected or similar upon delivery, we will not be held responsible and you won’t be entitled to a replacement or refund of the order.

If you provide an incorrect address or shipping date and fail to notify us before dispatch then we will not be held responsible and you won’t be entitled to refunds or cancellations.

If your order arrives damaged (by no error of yours), you will be entitled to a replacement of your order but not a refund. You must provide photos and any other evidence, and if the box is damaged, you must not open the box; instead contact us first or take photos. If we ask you to return a damaged item for investigation, we will cover the return costs and send you a stamp to return the item.

UK Regulations state that you need to allow up to 15 days for delivery before it is considered lost, however, If your order arrives late, and by late we mean it does not arrive within the 7 days we will be able to produce a refund or replacement, the choice is the customer.

Spelling errors: We will personalise goods with the exact text that you provide upon purchase. We will not alter it in any way, therefore please ensure you have the correct spelling before placing the order. Refunds and returns are not accepted on spelling errors unless we have made the mistake; please check your personalised text clearly to ensure it is correct before submitting it, and if you have made an error after order submission, please contact us ASAP. In the event that we have incorrectly implemented the personalisation, you will be entitled to a full refund including postage costs or a replacement via a special delivery service. In the event that you have made an error, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund.

If we send the wrong item, you will be entitled to a full refund including postage costs or a replacement via a special delivery service. In the event that you have made an error, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund

Please note that if you have forgotten to provide any personalisation information or specific shipping date information, you must contact us ASAP as once we have dispatched your item or begun baking it, we can’t cancel, refund or replace your order free of charge. It is your responsibility to make sure that we know your order specification and requirements. It is not unusual for us to receive non-personalised cookie orders, and we therefore will not question any order that comes in without date requirements or personalisation requirements. There are some cases where we may negotiate part refunds, or refunds minus postal costs.

If you have a dispute over a payment, refund, cancellation or delivery concern, you are legally bound to contact us first and allow us the opportunity to resolve the said issue before utilising third-party disputes such as chargebacks or PayPal disputes. If you fail to contact us and provide us with this opportunity to resolve the issue, it is considered fraud and you will be held liable and risk losing the dispute. We are a fair brand, and we expect fairness in return. We are happy to work with you but will not tolerate aggression or foul play, and we reserve the right to block communication with you in the case of abuse, slander, aggressive or threatening behaviour. We also reserve the right to utilise any communications between us as evidence as we see fit.

We record our telephone calls for legal and training purposes, and we may store emails, live chats and order details for at least 6 years as requested by law. None of this information will not be sold to third parties or used for advertising purposes, but we hold the right to utilise such data in a legal disagreement or court.

We do not post any pictures of your products online without your permission via email.

Andy&Sarah’s is a registered trademark. To date, we have not permitted third-party use of our trademarks and intellectual rights. All data, images and words on this site, and any off-site marketing and advertising, is subject to copyright. We will take legal action against any unlawful use of our intellectual property or infringement of our intellectual property rights. We ask that you contact us to obtain written permission to use any text, images, logos or any other intellectual property prior to using it.

Refunds can take up to 25 days to complete.