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Handmade Fudge - Gourmet Fudge Gift Box

Delight in the rich, creamy joy of our meticulously handcrafted fudge bars, meticulously made using traditional methods. Each batch represents our commitment to creating an exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth experience, perfect for any celebration or gifting occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.

Explore over 40 tantalising flavours in our handmade fudge collection, providing a symphony of taste sensations. From classic favourites like traditional chocolate and velvety caramel to adventurous options such as zesty lemon or indulgent salted caramel, there’s a flavour to suit every palate and occasion.

Customisation is paramount – customers can handpick up to five bars from our diverse range of flavours. Elevate the fudge bars into a perfect birthday or anniversary gift with our exquisite gift wrap, making them an ideal treat for loved ones during celebratory moments.

Crafted with meticulous care, our fudge boasts a minimum shelf life of six months, ensuring enduring freshness and taste, perfect for the festive season or any special occasion. The smooth, sweet texture of our fudge is a result of our dedication to using only the finest, high-quality ingredients. Each bite promises a sumptuous experience, delivering a sweet escape and adding delight to every birthday, anniversary, or Christmas celebration.

For a thoughtful and special birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift or simply a personal indulgence, our handmade fudge bars embody artisanal craftsmanship. With a diverse selection of flavours, they are designed to bring joy to every celebration and gifting moment.

Our Fudge Flavours:

If a flavour is not available on the products page this will mean we are out of stock and working at putting more online. Some flavours are seasonal and won’t be available all year round These flavours are shown in Orange.

    • Fudge – After Dinner Chocolate & Mint: Belgian Chocolate with a smooth green natural mint top layer.
    • Fudge – Baileys & White ChocolateA Creamy fudge base mixed with real Baileys Irish Cream Liquire and topped with Belgian White Chocolate.
    • Fudge – Banana Chocolate SplitOur Belgian Chocolate base with Banana flavoured fudge swirled inside the chocolate fudge.
    • Fudge – Belgian ChocolateA Creamy Belgian chocolate fudge.
    • Fudge – BiscoffA Caramelised fudge base with Biscoff caramelised biscuits broken up on top. (CONTAINS GLUTEN).
    • Fudge – ButterscotchA Creamy fudge base with fresh butterscotch fixed in.
    • Fudge – Caramel SliceDouble layer fudge, one layer with Belgian chocolate and the top layer with caramel flavour fudge.
    • Fudge – Cherry BrandyA Creamy fudge base mixed with Brandy and real glazed cherries.
    • Fudge – Chilly ChocolateA Belgian chocolate fudge mixed with real chilli flakes.
    • Fudge – Chocolate & OrangeA double layer fudge, one layer with Belgian chocolate, the other with a rich natural orange flavour fudge.
    • Fudge – Chocolate & VanillaA Double layer fudge, one layer Belgian chocolate and the other with our creamy vanilla, best of both worlds.
    • Fudge – CinnamonA Creamy fudge base mixed with real cinnamon extract. Christmas Season
    • Fudge – Clotted CreamA Creamy fudge base made from fresh clotted cream.
    • Fudge – Coffee LatteA Creamy fudge base mixed with fresh coffee extract.
    • Fudge – Cream EggA Creamy Vanilla fudge base topped with Cadburys cream eggs.
    • Fudge – Creamy VanillaA Creamy fudge base mixed with real and fresh vanilla extract.
    • Fudge – Festive & Valentine’s SpiceA Creamy fudge base mixed and swirled with spices. Christmas and Valentine’s Season.
    • Fudge – Gin & LimeA Double layer fudge, one layer is a Gin infused fudge, the other a lime-infused fudge. Summer Season
    • Fudge – GingerbreadA creamy fudge-based flavour with Ginger extract with real ginger pieces throughout.
    • Fudge – Jamaican Rum & RaisinA chocolate fudge base with added juicy raisins and made with Genuine Jamaican Rum.
    • Fudge – Lemon CheesecakeA Creamy fudge base mixed with Fresh Lemon extract and cream cheese.
    • Fudge – MillionaireA Triple layer fudge, one layer Chocolate, next layer Caramel and the third layer biscuit flavoured..
    • Fudge – Mince Pie & Rich Fruit CakeA dark-coloured fudge rich in brown sugar, raisins, and mixed fruit peels. Christmas & Easter Season
    • Fudge – Mini EggA Chocolate fudge base topped with mini eggs. Easter Season
    • Fudge – OreoA Creamy fudge base topped with crushed-up Oreo biscuits and Oreo cream. (CONTAINS GLUTEN).
    • Fudge – Rocky RoadA Chocolate based fudge mixed with a variety of biscuits, marshmallows and other treats (CONTAINS GLUTEN).
    • Fudge – Rum & RaisinA Creamy rum-infused fudge base mixed with rum-soaked raisins.
    • Fudge – Rum Chocolate TruffleA Dark rum-infused chocolate fudge base.
    • Fudge – Sea Salt & CaramelA brown sugar-based fudge, caramelised and mixed with sea salt.
    • Fudge – Strawberry & CreamA natural strawberry-flavoured fudge layered with a natural cream-based fudge
    • Fudge – Toffee ChunkA toffee-flavoured fudge mixed with chunks of our handmade toffee.
    • Fudge – Turkish Delight RoseA strong rose-flavoured fudge, flavoured with real rose.
    • Fudge – White Chocolate & RaspberryA creamy fudge base, coloured and flavoured with real raspberry, then topped with dehydrated raspberry pieces and white chocolate.
    • Fudge – White Chocolate & MangoA creamy fudge base, coloured and flavoured with real Mango Juice, then topped with white chocolate. Summer Season

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