Chocolate Covered Rose Turkish Delight 16pc 220g

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A box of handmade authentic and naturally flavoured Turkish delights.

Our Turkish delights are premium and traditional. This box contains 16 pieces (220 grams) consisting of mouth-watering and naturally flavoured Turkish delight, contains a mix of Rose flavoured Turkish delights Covered in milk chocolate

A box of handmade authentic and naturally flavoured Turkish delights.

Our Turkish delights are premium and traditional. This box contains 16 pieces (220 grams) consisting of mouth-watering and naturally flavoured Turkish delight, contains a mix of Rose flavoured Turkish delights Covered in milk chocolate

Turkish delight or lokum (Ottoman Turkish: lokum) is a confection based on a starchsugar gel, containing largely fruit juices with the gel; traditional varieties are often flavored with rosewater, mastic gum or fruits.

Our Turkish Delight sweets are all made using only natural flavours, we never use artificial flavours in our Turkish delights, they are made the traditional method to ensure authenticity.

We guarantee the quality of our Turkish delights. Provided in a box containing 16 pieces averaging around 220 grams offering several portions per box.

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TURKISH DELIGHT Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Flour, Citric Acid, Icing Sugar (7%), Flavouring.

Sultan Turkish Delight Also contains: Desiccated Coconuts (7%), Soap worth, rose petals.

We use tiny amounts of e numbers to enhance some colours in some, (but not all) of our flavours, this includes the following: E124, E131, E102, E124, E129, E142, please contact us for specifics. Some E numbers can have adverse effects on activity and attention in some children.

This product is suitable for Vegetarians

Allergen Advice: These products have not been tested for traces of Nut or Gluten. Our Turkish Delight is not manufactured on-site and is manufactured in a factory that handles nuts, therefore these products may contain traces of such allergens.

Each product will have its own specific ingredients label on the product, the ingredients above list all ingredients throughout our entire Turkish delight range of flavours and variants.

For allergens including cereals and gluten please see the allergen advice and ingredients listed in BOLD. 

Our fudge and Turkish delight is made the traditional way in copper pans all by hand.

The hand made fudge is English made and to the best of quality possible. We guarantee that you won’t find a more authentic fudge on the market.

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