Gluten Free & Free From Range

Gluten-Free Personalised Giant Cookies, Brownies & Fudge

Our Gluten-Free Giant Cookies, Gluten-Free Giant Brownies and Gluten-Free Handmade Fudge are all made by hand using our own blend of gluten-free flours and celiac-safe ingredients.

We also have Gluten & Dairy-Free Vegan-Friendly Cookies and Fudge Available.


With our range of gluten-free baked goods, you can rest assured that you have found the best gluten-free treat to send as a gift to a loved one or work colleague. Send a Gluten-Free Brownie, a Gluten-Free Giant Personalised Cookie, or maybe a Gluten-Free Handmade Fudge Selection through the post in our letterbox-friendly boxes.

Personalised Cookies & Brownies

NEW Fully Loaded Cookie Pies

Our gluten-free cookie pies are a giant cookie that is fully loaded and packed with treats, these cannot be personalised but does come with a message in the box for free.

Handmade Fudge